Covid-19 Service Update

Support Services

Support Services

AGIR serves LGBTQ+ migrants and refugees who live in the greater Montréal area within Québec, Canada.

Individual Support

Our individual support team members work one-on-one with folks to assess their needs and support them to receive the support they need.

This can be a variety of different needs including referring to legal aid, psychological support, housing support, food banks, francisation courses, addressing crisis issues, etc.

The team will then do follow-up calls and emails with additional referrals and support, as well as individual accompaniments (for example accompaniment to a meeting with legal aid, medical consultation or appointment (especially for trans migrants), etc.) according to our capacity and the level of need.

We can provide services in French, English, Arabic and Spanish and will do our best to support folks in other languages as well. 

Are you someone who needs support?

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Are you supporting an LGBTQIA+ migrant or refugee in your work?

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Please note that AGIR cannot provide legal advice or legal aid or direct psychological support.

Community Building

Support Groups

Our support groups are spaces of peer support and discussion to help overcome social exclusion by sharing knowledge and experiences of issues they might be facing. We offer support groups monthly online. We have support groups for different members of our community depending on need and capacity for Arabic speakers, Spanish speakers, Trans folks, women, and others!

Social Activities

Due to the increased social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, we heard a need for our members to have more spaces for building meaningful social connection and break isolation. As a result, since 2021, we have worked to meet this need and build community. Past events have included:

  • A day-trip for hiking at Mont-Tremblant 
  • A trip to LaRonde 
  • Celebrations for Eid! 
  • Winter Party
  • Latin Party
  • Outdoor sledding events
  • Summer picnics
  • Halloween movie nights
  • Board-game nights
  • Workshops and specific info sessions
  • And more!