Covid-19 Service Update


Education and Public Awareness

AGIR offers trainings to 2SLGBTQIA+ organisations, immigrant-serving organisations, and any organisation or group working with inmigrants and refugees from the community. The purpose of all our Education and Public awareness work is to change the systemic practices that exclude, harm or result in the unjust treatment towards 2SLGBTQIA+ migrant and refugees.


All of our trainings are adaptable to the needs of the organisation. We specify our examples to the sector or specialisation of the organisation.

Baseline Training:

“Supporting LGBTQ+ migrants and refugees in your work” 

This 2 hour training covers:

  • Key concepts related to gender and sexual orientation.
  • How these key concepts work in the context of 2SLGBTQ+ migrants.
  • How to integrate inclusive practices for 2SLGBTQ+ migrants into your work(including scenarios). 

Intermediate Workshop:

“By-and-for LGBTQ+ migrant organising and solidarity”

This 90 minute workshop covers: 

  • Our practices to being by-and-for 2SLGBTQ+ migrants.
  • Continuing challenges of this approach.
  • How these practices can be integrated in a solidarity approach in other organisations – discussion

Special Presentations: 

AGIR also offers special presentations for organisations, groups, classrooms (Universities, CEGEPs, High Schools) according to our capacity. 

Previous Topics include:

  • Introduction to 2SLGBTQ+ migrant issues for youth.
  • The basics of migration.
  • Safer/Braver Spaces, Anti-Oppressive Practices.
  • Supporting 2SLGBTQ+ migrant survivors of sexual violence.

Public Awareness

AGIR defends the rights and interests of LGBTQIA+ migrants through public awareness raising, notably the Trans-migrant Campaign, and continued collaboration with other organisations (Center for Gender Advocacy, ASTTEQ) to defend the rights of Trans migrants. In addition, as a member of several networks and coalitions, this allows us to contribute to the protection of LGBTQIA+ migrant rights.